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Valentina Vizio, once graduated  in Architecture in 2003 at Milan Polythechnics, immediately starts working as a designer for leader companies in the fashion branch.


Supported by Camera Nazionale della Moda settled in Milan, Vizio , while working as a consultant, draws a brand called A.Ve that has been presented in Moscow, Instanbul and the Fashion Week in Milan and in Tokyo (2007-2011)


In 2012 Vizio establishes her own brand RaveN, a personal label that grasps all the skills achieved thanks to her previous working experiences: polish , tact, balance and hight quality.

From 2017 Vizio starts her own atelier in Limone Piemonte, Italy.


From 2012 to present Vizio is presenting RaveN collections at the Fashion Week in Milan and Paris. The collections are sold in Russia, Europe, Egypt, Korea, China and Japan.


Vizio is currently working settled in her italian atelier , continues to work as a consultant for various companies and travels worldwide in order to promote RaveN label.


Vizio continues her personal search for elegance and sensivity in her works.

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